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With a range of flooring options on the market, making the right choice for your home can be a challenge. In fact, many flooring products create a special ambiance, so how do you select among hardwood and other options? But perhaps you are sold on the idea of hardwood. Still, if hardwood is at the top of your list, there are some things to consider: The old wisdom was that hardwood and kitchen floors don’t mix. But today’s hardwood floors with sturdy new finishes are appropriate for any room–kitchens, basements, and other rooms with excess moisture. Variety is the spice of life. If variations in color, tone, and grain pattern are desired, then hardwood is the right choice. Hardwood’s natural distinctiveness makes it exceptionally beautiful. A well-maintained hardwood floor can last a lifetime. Simple practices such as wiping off shoes before entering a room, dusting and mopping regularly, and cleaning sticky areas with a small amount of water, will help keep your floor looking beautiful year after year.

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We have been providing luxury hardwood flooring services for many years. Always working with you to make sure you get what you need – from the affordable fitting of flooring materials you’ve already purchased yourself to full professional floor planning and installation – we’re used to successfully completing projects of all sizes. Need to know more about the quality of service you’re about to receive? Get in touch. We’re always happy to supply references and feedback from previous clients.

You can rely on our floor installation expertise in:

*Engineered wood floors
*Solid wood floors
*Tiling and tiled floors
*Epoxy flooring

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Hardwood floors can make any home look more sophisticated and add some old-style charm. The one thing that many people are often concerned about when they build or buy a home with hardwood floors is how to properly care for them. As time passes, a number of factors can contribute to the deterioration of your hardwood floors. Humidity from the air can cause floorboards to expand and contract, which may cause gaps and squeaks in floorboards and squeaky stairs, as well. Wear and tear can cause damage to hardwood floors, too. For some homeowners, the decision to recoat or refinish hardwood can be a confusing one. Hardwood Floors have a few noticeable differences in recoating and refinishing which, once understood, may help you make the decision the right decision for your hardwood floor. Each option will give you the same result: a beautiful, long-lasting hardwood floor.

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